Kitty Protectors

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me and my housemate have a set of these, but instead of using them to protect out phones, we play a game of ‘hide the cats around the kitchen and if you find one you change its location for the other to find’. it’s very charming making a cup of tea and finding a tiny kitten in your teabags.


i’ve been thinking a lot about tommy’s fighting style lately.

this is a boy who can literally blow shit up at will, a far more formidable power than the one he’s known for most widely and yet he chooses to almost never use it.

i can only think of two times we’ve ever actually seen tommy use that ability: at the end of volume 1 and when he’s playing with molly hayes during civil war. 

i really love what it says about him that he almost never uses that power.

he was locked up and experimented on by people who wanted to turn him into a living weapon. they, surely, were counting on him using that power and using it to achieve nefarious ends. tommy’s refusal to do that, his refusal to use that power at all, is like spitting in their faces.

but when it comes down to it, tommy’s always been more about saving people then fighting bad guys. think of him during siege. when teddy and billy were off getting in fights, tommy was running around getting as many people out of harm’s way as he could, saving lives and still not feeling like he’s doing a good enough job because he can’t save enough people. think of him during the secret invasion when his first instinct was to get molly and klara to safety.

tommy wants to save people. that’s what he’s about. that’s why he puts on the costume and does what he does. it’s not about being a superhero, it’s about saving people.

it makes me think that someone must have gotten hurt in the school explosion. tommy hurt someone (by accident, i’m sure. i have no doubt about that) and now he’s dedicated his life to trying to make up for it.

i wonder if he knows that’s what got him on the team. i wonder if he knows that billy only agreed to get him once he heard about his ability to cause explosions. i wonder if he knows that he would’ve been passed over completely if not for that power.

and if he does know, i wonder how he feels about it. i wonder how he feels knowing that the thing that got him his friends — his family — is the thing about himself that scares him the most. the thing he hates. the thing that represents everything he doesn’t want to be but has the potential to become.

(via fuckyeahyoungavengers)